LED TV's, Why They Rock?!

We've all started to love the high resolutions offered by LCD TV's and Plasma TV's - but thanks to the developments made in the last couple years the technology giants are making LCD's with LED backlighting, resulting in crispier and better quality imaging...

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Led TV Reviews

LED TV Reviews - What's great about LED TV's?

There has been a lot of talk recently about LED TV's recently despite the fact that many people don't seem to be entirely clear on what they are. An LED TV is really just an LCD television that uses LED's for back lighting rather than using a traditional fluorescent tube. A lot of people seem to be under the impression that LED televisions are some brand new revolution. Really they aren't they are an upgrade on LCD TVs. That being said there are a number of advantages to LED TVs that make them well worth considering.

The biggest advantage of an LED television is that there is very little light leakage in the dark scenes. This means that the blacks are much better than in a standard LCD television. The result is a much improved picture quality. Since individual LED's can be turned on and off there is also better dimming and brightness. A good quality LED TV can now offer a picture that rivals that of a plasma television. This can be achieved at a much lower price making LED TV's a very popular option.

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The great thing about LED TVs is their price, while they are more expensive than the older LCD televisions they are much cheaper than a plasma TV. They can offer a picture quality that can seriously rival a plasma without the same price tag. They aren't quite as good but they are close. Given the amount of money you can save they make an excellent compromise.

The other big advantage of an LED TV is that it can be made much thinner than a traditional LCD television. There has been a trend toward thinner and thinner TVs in recent years because it makes them easier to mount on walls. This gives you more options for placing your television. An LED television is very thin which has helped to make them very popular.

An LED television is the most energy efficient option on the market; it is substantially more efficient than a standard LCD TV. The difference in energy usage between a plasma and an LED TV isn't even close; the plasma television will use more than twice the power. Not only are LED's better for the environment they are much cheaper to operate. This is no small detail; most people would be shocked if they actually knew how much their television contributed to their electric bill.

Although according to The HDTV Blog (see link below), LED televisions really aren't a great technological leap over previous versions they are still a significant upgrade. They offer a very good picture quality at reasonable price. They are well worth considering when it comes time to buy a new television.

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